The western bank of the river Ganges may be compared with the sacred city of Benaras - they say. The village Khamargachi is situated on the very western bank of the Ganges. Being under Siza Kamalpur G.P. of Balagarh Block, it is a village of highly developed antiquity, though it has changed its apparent and inherent characteristics through ages. Balagarh Block feels proud of the ancient cultural heritage of subtle and nicely woven coherence of the Tantra based culture and the Vaishnava culture. During the middle ages the soil of the present Balagarh Block acquired fame for the seat of learning of Nava Nyay Shastras. In modern ages also Balagarh Block can boast of famous and scholar sons of the soil like Sir Ashutosh Mukhopadhyay, Ishan Bandhypadhyay, Chiranjib Bhattacharya etc. Kali Mirza the famous singer in the school of classical music like Tasppa' is a pride of the cultural heritage of classical music like Tasppa is a pride of the cultural heritage of Balagarh Block.

         Now-a-days an all round socio-economic and cultural development of Khamargachi brought forth various centres of learning, libraries, health clinics, sports and games clubs, different centres of cultural activities, three banks including a nationalised one etc. Masjids and Temples for worship of different Hindu dieties peacefully coexist here as a mark of communal harmony in society of this locality. Moreover, the "Sabuj Dwip' a nice atraction for tourists stands at a stone's throw from Khamargachi.


# Our College Building #

         On this socio-economic and cultural context Khamargachi B.Ed. College stands very close to Khamargachi Railway Station and the Asam link road with all its amenities and instructional facilities for the trainees solemnly proclaiming a disciplined teaching learning process and khamargachi P.T.T.I recognised by NCTE (ERC) is also Organised by Kalna Banalata Society.
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